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Dentists, Dreaming of your own Practice?

Come to Arun and Smita's

"Setting Up In Practice Boot Camp"

" The best course I've been on, from start to finish it was a fabulous event" - Dr Greg Pierre

26th-27th September 2014, Esher, Surrey

You will learn:

1. The A-Z of Setting up a Successful Private Dental Practice.

2. Tips, tricks and marketing ideas that will ensure success.

3. The mistakes that so many Dentists make, so you don't repeat them.

4. Why NOW is a great time to set up a practice.

5. Why setting up can provide a much better return on investment compared to buying a practice.

For more information read below:

£995+VAT per person, £1595+VAT for when booking for 2 people

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Dr Smita Mehra and Mr Arun Mehra's Setting up in Practice Boot Camp 2014

Dental Associates and Therapists Please Read This

Before I tell you about our Boot Camp programme I urge you to read this and take note, as for Associate Dentists and Therapists the world of UK Dentistry is changing right before our noses.

(But if you want to skip straight to the BOOT CAMP Programme scroll down)

For years, Dentistry has been a safe profession, offering you a good income, and excellent long term prospects. But things are changing, outside of your control. Don't be ignorant, and stick your head in the sand, now is the time to do something about it.

These changes include:

1. The Government changing the Dental Contract. The exact nature of what will happen, no-one really knows, but if one is to look at anything where the government is involved, you can bet that the terms will not be favourable. Cut backs are arising, and quite possibly any NHS Dental contract offered may only be for a set period of time, after which it is re-tendered. The implications on NHS goodwill are huge especially if you are thinking about buying an NHS clinic!

2. The new NHS pilot schemes clearly highlight in their trials that the role of the Dental Care Professional will rise. Whilst a Dentist will of course be needed, we believe practices will increasingly use a Dental Therapist that is cheaper than an Associate for more of the routine aspects of clinical Dentistry.

So where does that leave the Associate? Confused? Fearful? Possibly both.

The prospect of less jobs may lead you to think now is the time to buy a practice. You may have been saving for years to buy that NHS/mixed practice you always thought you should have. But hold on a minute, if the new the NHS contract is put out to re-tender regularly, should you even be considering buying that practice? Is it actually worth buying it?

In our opinion, NO.

For Dental Corporates it is black and white whether to buy a practice, many of them are so big now, that if they lost the odd contract at the re-tendering stage, they have sufficient others to insulate them. But for the individual Associate buying their first NHS practice, this could end up being the costliest mistake of their entire career, before they even truly start their career.

But you may argue, that NHS practices are commanding such high premiums for goodwill, that sealed bids are the norm now, so that now is the only opportunity to get on the ladder.

I beg to differ.

Step away from the norm, don't follow the masses, as it is the masses that usually get it wrong. The only true winners are the vendors, and the agents. Do you really want to be burdened with a massive loan for the next 20 years, when so much uncertainty exists in the market, especially in the NHS market?

You know the world has gone crazy, when there are companies out there peddling a fee paying service that will ensure you get notified of a possible practice sale before anyone else.

In my opinion, the market has over inflated to such an extent that it is essential to get clarity of what you want, and not just follow the herd.

My name is Arun Mehra FCA (an experienced Chartered Accountant and owner of Samera Ltd, the leading UK Dental Accountants) and with my wife, Dr Smita Mehra (Dentist) we see the market very differently to many in the profession. We have gone against the grain our whole professional career, and it has worked extremely well for us.

In the world of Dentistry, we opened our first private Dental Practice in 2004, then another in 2006, and then our most recent in 2010, all called The Neem Tree. Paying a BIG FAT ZERO for goodwill in all cases.

Out of the blue in 2012 we were approached by a very well known brand in Private Healthcare wanting to buy us, we ummed and arghhed, and then in May 2013, we sold one of our practices for significantly above the market price.

Currently, we still have 2 extremely successful private practices, zero debt, and the urge to help others do it right, and not be a sheep. For the last 7 years, I have been a speaker on the BDA Setting up in Practice courses.

If you want to know more, we urge you to attend our Setting Up In Practice Bootcamp, read below for details.

Video Testimonials of Samera Clients

Feedback comments from Boot Camp 2013 attendees

" The best course I've been on, from start to finish it was a fabulous event" - Dr Greg Pierre

"A lot of precious information that my belief in setting up a new practice...the energy of Arun and Smita is phenomenal" - Dr Dimitrios Iliadis

" You guys were fab, very motivating " - Dr Shalini Anand

" The content of the course was outstanding, providing the answers to all of the questions we have on starting up a practice. However, it was the passion and experience that Arun and Smita spoke with that made the weekend memorable. I really appreciated their openness and honesty about the mistakes they'd made and how they would have done things differently with the knowledge they now have. I think the group size was perfect and I appreciated the informal, friendly atmosphere. It was a truly inspirational weekend" - Dr Rajan Chadha

" The marketing was fab!" - Dr Sachin Anand

" The speakers presented from their own experiences and was executed by down to earth people with a friendly and non formal approach " - Dr Antimos Ouzounoglou

" So glad to have met Arun and Smita as true role models" - Dr Ayesha Qayyum

So what is our Setting Up In Practice Boot Camp?

Our Boot camp is NOT for everyone. If you think after reading this, you would still rather buy a practice register your details here, as we do have some fantastic practices on our books for sale.

But, if you are looking to do something different in Dentistry today, not be one of the sheep and pay too much for goodwill, then the BOOT CAMP is for you. You will:

  • Learn the A-Z of setting up, running and selling a Private Dental Practice.
  • Learn from experts Dr Smita Mehra BDS MFGDPRCS and Mr Arun Mehra FCA who have over 25 years combined experience
  • Learn how to take the bold step into the exciting world of Private Practice Ownership AND Financial Freedom


We only run it once per year in the UK, and it will open your eyes to a different world of being a Dentist in the UK today, one not being reliant on the ever unpredictable NHS at all.

Our sole goal is to inspire and teach you how to set up a successful, profitable private dental practice and take control of your own destiny.

You will learn the A-Z of setting up, running and then how to sell your practice from people who have done it, got the war wounds and come out the other side, financially free.

Our experience of helping hundreds of Dentists over the last 10 years shows that those who set up Squat practices, right the first time, invariably have a much higher net worth compared to those who bought a practice, after a 5-10 year period - Why? Mainly because their debt levels are considerably lower than those who bought a practice.

If you are an Associate, before you buy that practice you think you should buy, we urge you to attend this weekend as it will open your eyes to a new exciting possibility, one that will cost you significantly less, and will make you wealthier, and ensure you enjoy your career for the next 25 years!

Don't be a sheep, be bold, be different.

Full details on the programme are listed below.

"Don't miss this event, my recommendation is do not change this course at all. The course is brilliant, I have learnt a lot, not only how to set up my own practice, but even more importantly how to do it cost effectively! Thank you" - 2011 Attendee


The Boot Camp Programme

Day 1 – Why, What, Where, When, Who and How Much?

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In this day we will cover 20 aspects:

  • Location Selection and Demographic Analysis
  • Buying or Setting up a Practice?
  • Private vs. NHS
  • Local Authority Planning
  • Vision Building
  • Business Plans and Budgets
  • Freehold vs Leasehold
  • Legal Issues
  • Raising Finance
  • Ltd company, partnership or sole trader
  • Tax strategies
  • The importance of brand identity in dentistry today
  • Choosing a Designer for your practice identity
  • Branding the practice from shop front to stationary
  • Design and lay out of the practice
  • Planning of the practice flow
  • Conforming to building regulations
  • Conforming to dental regulations
  • Project Management vs. Self Management
  • Choosing a Builder right for your practice requirements
  • Plus a visit to our Esher Dental Practice, set in an affluent London suburb


"This course was jammed full of gems. Never a slow moment and fired me up to go and set up my own practice" - 2010 Attendee


Day 2 – Marketing, Equipment, Recruiting the best team

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In this day we cover another 20 reasons:

  • Pre and post marketing – building a successful and powerful optimised website
  • Understanding the importance of Google
  • Team training requirements
  • Customer Service Essentials
  • How to market a new dental practice on budget
  • How to man a new practice on budget
  • Should you continue working elsewhere as an associate?
  • Building the practice for long term growth
  • Choosing the right equipment and the right supplier
  • Financing the equipment purchase
  • A visit to a major dental equipment supplier
  • Recruiting and building a super team
  • The DiSC Personality Model
  • Interview Techniques
  • Team Motivation when the doors finally open
  • Common mistakes made by practices in opening a new dental practice
  • Building an asset that is always ready to sell
  • How to sell your practice with minimum fuss, and maximum value.


If you have had enough of being an Associate Dentist, or working in the NHS, and are looking to be different and not follow the sheep, then this intensive 2 -day programme is for you. Take the step and book today.

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Video Testimonials of Samera Clients